Animal Artist Pam Reed

I was born in Morden, Surrey on the 10th October 1951, the youngest and only girl of four. Studied graphic design at Epsom & Ewell School of Art but decided to pursue a fine art career in the early 70's. Exhibited in Chelsea and surrounding areas but became disenchanted and stopped painting to train as a registered animal nurse.

It was while working at an equine veterinary practice that an understanding, admiration and a deep respect for the animal world developed. I began to see beyond the outer shell of each animal and I could feel into their very soul. They were no longer animals but beings with a right to live their lives - as we do ours.

This was the beginning of a need to prove, through my work, that all animal life should be respected.

My portraits are photo-realistic - created for their aesthetic values and are a true representation of their natural form.

Artist, students and those who 'dabble' contact me for advice and I consider myself priveledged indeed, that so many of the future generation regard me as an artist of worth. Knowing that my portraits bring joy and an understanding to so many is the motivation that drives me on. In music they call it the 'tingle' factor.

I want you to be moved by what you see and maybe feel a little of the passion that is within me.      Pam Reed

I now live in Ashtead, Surrey where my studio looks out onto Ashtead Common. If you're ever passing ... please stop by for coffee.

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